Monday, March 26, 2012

Movers And Shapers

These ladies were my teachers from age 4-8, kindergarten to the third grade, back in the 1950s. They all seemed so old then, to my young eyes. Miss Branson, above, had all 35 of us either reading or on the verge (and loving books) by the time we left her class for the first grade.

That's Miss Gendron, above. We could all tell time to within "quarter of, quarter after after and half past" and read the first Dick and Jane books when she was finished with us.

Miss Lux had taught in the district when my dad was in elementary school. She had the whole class adding and subtracting in the hundreds by the end of the year. Every Monday she'd write 25 new words on the chalkboard for us to learn and be tested on for comprehension and spelling by the end of the week.

In Mrs. Halprin's third grade class, we made papier mache kachina dolls and mosaics out of crushed egg shells we'd brought from home and dyed in class, learned our multiplication tables by heart, and the lyrics to the songs of the United States military services, which we sang with gusto.

To a person they were strict but kind and managed to teach the basics and more to some three dozen children without a thought for the condition of our self esteem.

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