Tuesday, January 3, 2012

100 Years Ago

The photograph is by Lewis Hine, made in 1912, and he wrote the caption as follows:

"Mrs. Larocca, 233 E. 107th St., N.Y., making willow plumes in an unlicensed tenement. Photo taken Feb. 29, 1912. License was revoked Dec. 19, 1911.Applied for again Feb 7, 1912, inspected Feb. 13 and refused Feb 14, 1912. Feb. 29, 1912 I found nine families (including the janitress) at work on feathers or with traces of the day's work still on the floor. Still other families were reported to be doing the work also, but were not home. When our investigator made her first calls here, she found the whole tenement in much worse condition (see schedule) Children had bad skin trouble, fever, etc. Grandmother was working the day this photo was taken. New York, New York (State)"

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