Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's Blooming In Summer

If you're planting allium bulbs, be sure and plant then in clusters, as they look a little bedraggled if planted alone. A relative of the onion family, their foliage isn't much to rave about, but the blossom is showy and is long lasting in bouquets.


Susie said...

dear california girl,
i love your posts..especially those old postcard photos.
have never planted any of these flowers myself but wondered if related to onions if they smelled like them. must be the life to go to the beach so often. smiles , susie

Eryl said...

I love aliums and keep meaning to plant some, they look fantastic in a vase with cow parsley.

steven said...

i wandered around the garden last night and realized that wherever i looked there were shades of purple. i've unconsciously put in lots of purple plants. not alium. yet!! steven