Friday, June 17, 2011

Yesterday On The Baech

My daughter took me along for a walk on the beach while she surfed yesterday. There was an elderly gentleman in a purple windbreaker, using a piece of driftwood as a cane.

A strikingly pink sea shell had been tossed ashore, while a snowy white egret darted hither and yon.

A tourist from Japan with a bright red backpack paused to photograph a neon green reef, as my daughter paddled by the in background.

And two black wetsuited surfers passed by with bright yellow boards.


steven said...

i just came from a beach upped by an english blogger. so entirely different. so balck and white and raw. here you have life and colour and change. steven

Rachel Fenton said...

It was a wild day here today - looking forward to seeing what the sea has tossed upon our wee patch of sand tomorrow.

Lovely shots.