Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's Blooming In Spring

The columbines that came up from seeds are blooming. It takes two years to get the first bloom, and it was well worth the wait. Once spent, the flowers will turn into hard pods all along the stem. Wait until they turn brown and totally dry, then pull the whole stem off. You'll be able to hear the seeds rattling in the pods. You can wave the stem upside down over your flower beds - the seeds will broadcast and before too long, you'll have tiny columbines to transplant.


steven said...

i did that at our last house. purple columbines. they were so fragile and beautiful. steven

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am writing a children's novel that takes place in Piedmont (where my dad grew up) and I am trying to find out what flowers are blooming in the bay area on May 1 for a scene in my story. It's based on an event when my Aunt Ruth was five. Her Uncle Nelson picked all the flowers in his garden and gave the boxes of flowers to her for her May 1 birthday. I wonder what flowers those might have been -- surely different from Seattle where this Daughter of the Golden West has transplanted herself.
laura kvasnoksy