Monday, April 4, 2011

More Beach, More Birds

The lineup, seen from part way down the cliff.

My dad tells a story about this particular rock. When he was a kid during the Great Depression, one of the local boys was driving his Model T on the beach and crashed into this rock. The damaged car was beyond repair and abandoned there. Whatever is left of it is under years of sand.

These curlews let me get closer than usual, as they were working an especially rich sand crab spot and refused to be distracted or deterred from pecking for their afternoon meal.

A moss covered natural seat where the cliff meets the sand and more birds, pausing in their running in and out with the surge.


A Wild Thing@Sweet Repose said...

Let's just simply enjoy it while we can, as radiation fallout surrounds our world...and the lies continue about the safety of nuclear power, we all need to be involved and focus on what we'll be losing...that grand blue ocean! Wonderful shots...sigh!!!

steven said...

i would love to sit in the moss-covered seat! steven