Friday, March 25, 2011

Walking In Sunshine

With rain in the forecast, we set out late yesterday afternoon to take advantage of the sunshine on a walk through the neighborhood. Large bushes of Pride Of Madiera are sending their sturdy plumes skyward, much to the delight of scores of honey bees.

Pyracanthus berries are hanging in clusters.

Looking down the road that ends at the top of cliff, right above the ocean.

A patient daughter indulges a mother who has to stop every few feet for "just one more picture".

The ubiquitous pickle weed that thrives on neglect and even grows along the cliffs in the harshest salt air.

1 comment:

steven said...

h! that last comment about stopping every few feet. it's the most amazing sidebar to walking with a camera. you keep seeing something else. i got to thinking about the towering flowers at the top - wouldn't it be even more incredible if they were the size of skyscrapers? steven