Thursday, January 6, 2011

Putting It All Away

The long weekend was a perfect time to get started putting the Christmas trees away. The smaller ones come down first and are lined up to be fit into the closet until next year.

We've strung yards and yards of garlands over the years.

From clipping candles, to traditional glass mushrooms, it all gets tucked away into boxes and largely forgotten, until the next year when unwrapped gingerly and a new celebration begins.


steven said...

it's interesting to me that we decorate our homes so beautifully, so ornately and then put it all away. i'm not inclined to do that too often during th rest of the year. hmmmmm. too bad. steven

Tracy said...

There is a slight sadness in having to put away all the twinkie lights & glitter for another year. Just today I de-trimmed our tree, the lights come off and the tree goes back into its box tomorrow... :o( It's tempting to leave the twinkie lights around the living room window up a little longer... ;o) Happy Day, Golden West ((HUGS))

Rachel Fenton said...

The putting away is my least favourite part! Especially when I notice a decoration I hadn't put up, such as the gold sea horses, and then have the urge to! Your decorations are beautiful - I especially like the toadstools - just waiting for a fairy or two.