Friday, January 21, 2011

More Beach

Gulls and curlews were working the reefs for food. It looks like the curlew is standing on the gull's head - not so, just an optical illusion.

Kids were exploring the reefs and tidepools.

A lone Torrey pine stood at the top of the cliff, twisted and bent from years of onshore winds.

The birds seemed to stake out their own territory, almost oblivious to two wheeled distractions.


Natalie said...

Oh the fun and beauty we are missing. I wish I could banish these cooties! At least we have you out there, and bringing us back encouragement and inspiration! What sights we are blessed to enjoy.

Tracy said...

Oh, what bliss! To be less bundles up, enjoying the sun and splashing at the beach...*sigh*... We have a good while yet before the snow melts and we can do that! ;o) Happy weekend, Golden West ((HUGS))
Oh, stop by my place, if you can, during the weekend–I’m having a fun Valentine Giveaway!

steven said...

oh wow! i'd so love to be riding a big old bike down the beach!!! thanks for these heart-warming photos. steven