Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hawk On A Wet Bare Branch

We headed out in the rain yesterday for groceries. Waiting our turn at a stop light, what should be before us but a 2 foot tall hawk, patiently watching for his next meal.


steven said...

doesn't it blow you away just how big they are! lucky you to see such a beautiful bird. steven

Sweet Repose-Junk Revival said...

As I drove to work the other day, I happened to notice 4 big dark blobs in a corn field, it always catches my eye, thinking maybe wild turkeys or Canada geese, but it was 4 huge bald eagles...now that's a majestic sight!!! Too far away for my dinky camera to get a good shot...bummer!

Love the lil' towels your daughter embroidered...and the Cardif Kook...what a hoot...to bring the new year in with a laugh...LOVE IT!!!