Friday, January 7, 2011

City of Contrasts

We were in Los Angeles on business earlier this week. It really is a city of contrasts, with people from all over the world in search of the American Dream.

Neighborhoods are in an unending cycle of decline and renewal, often just steps away from each other.

The city seemed to have weathered last week's storms just fine.

In an upscale shop, an employee was shoveling styrofoam snow from a window display into a plastic bag, while down the street, a shopper posed with polar bears and penguins.

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steven said...

are people really still in search of "the american dream"? i have to wonder what it looks like now. my dad came to canada in the mid sixties and i entirely owe the beginning of my fortune and blessings to his having latched onto the dream, which at that time was entirely achievable and real. i don't know that the same possibility would be available to him now. hmmmmm. steven