Friday, December 3, 2010

Then And Now

After my great-grandparents moved from their local homestead into town in the 1890s, they built a boarding house. They put up and fed weary travelers on the dusty journey along the main road between Los Angeles and San Diego. Great-grandpa farmed the field just south of their house, next to the barns, where you can barely see their water tower.

100+ years later, that dirt road is now the Coast Highway, their old boarding house is an Italian restaurant and the field my great grandpa farmed is now a self-serve car wash.


steven said...

it's a strange feeling seeing homes that were important at some point in your family history. stranger to see their evolution (or devolution) as time has passed. steven

Natalie said...

I love this!
History fascinates me... local history is better still, and personal, local history... too wonderful to say! So happy to have discovered this blog.