Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random Christmas Pictures

It's good to get back to our normal routine, but we're not ready to let Christmas go quite yet. We're taking our time putting everything away to stretch the season out a bit longer. It was nice having a normal breakfast that didn't involve chocolate of any sort! And it's a joy to use my new kitchen towels, hand embroidered by my daughter.

Wax, wood, felt and plaster creatures.

A white tree brightened up a dark corner, with a pre World War II angel band circling below.


steven said...

chocolate at breakfast made me laugh golden west! it's so true. it's almost shameful but really why should it be?! i look at my daily diet right now and just laugh - wow!!! steven

Eryl said...

You have (an?) incredibly talented daughter(s), the kitchen towel is beautiful. The Angel band is pretty fabulous too.

Natalie said...

Such fine handwork on the dishtowel. Your gathering of angels and ornaments are beautiful too... it's such a blessing to be surrounded by people and things that light up the room!