Monday, December 20, 2010

Hamburger Helpers

We headed up the coast highway in the rain yesterday, got hamburgers and parked on the bluffs to watch the storm move through. The overcast and rain had turned the ocean a deep grayish green. Neither sea nor sky held even a trace of blue and despite the low tide and acres of sand, nary a person was in sight.

To the north, it looked like there could be some clearing.

The seagulls enjoyed hovering in the wind and rain, seeming to make a game of it, flying almost near enough to touch.


steven said...

rain. sigh! steven

Natalie said...

some day... some day I am going to look up from my burger, gaze at the ocean, then turn around and see two faces, and just know who you are, kindred spirits.

acornmoon said...

Happy Christmas to you too!

Eryl said...

Are both those birds seagulls, I recognise the bottom one but the top one looks kind of tweedy and quite different?

Eating hamburgers in a storm sounds like such a wonderfully poetic thing to do.

Rachel Fenton said...

Ha, love Eryl's comment. I was very disbelieving the first time I saw parent and baby gulls together!

We've had masses of rain over the last week but it's still too hot to sleep comfortably. I'd love to watch a storm. Your pictures are so atmospheric. Almost feel the energy.