Saturday, October 2, 2010

American Old West Saloons - #8 In a Series

This saloon was in Oconto County, Wisconsin and was photographed circa 1900. Above, the sample room, where the barkeep has a drawing of himself framed above the mirror. The gentleman on the far left may be the town's blacksmith. Below, the same saloon, from the outside. Again, although Wisconsin is not part of the Old West, these photos were too good not to include.

The photographs are courtesy of the Oconto County Reporter.


steven said...

their glasses are full and there's an aura of tension in their faces and body language!!! i imagine there was a bit of a rumpus after the photographer left!! steven

Rachel Fenton said...

I like how they are all straight backed and posing for the photographer, except for the blacksmith who looks like he couldn't give a fig and just wants to get on with his pint!

What a low ceiling - would drive you mad after a few, I imagine - you'd start to think you were Alice in Wonderland and be groping around for a bottle with a different label on it....