Saturday, October 23, 2010

American Old West Saloons - #11 In a Series

In 1910, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania has 25,000 residents and 50 saloons to serve them. On any given Saturday night, Saloon Corner was the place to be.

Pittsburg isn't part of the Old West, but it's too good a picture to exclude.


The Weaver of Grass said...

That looks the place to be on a Saturday night!

Rachel Fenton said...

No one ever seems to know what to do with their hands on photographs - thank goodness for pockets (and hips)!

Like that this one is outside and at night and I like to imagine that lady (and the one loitering in the background) got walked home.

A. K. Ewen said...

This is the secon time I found this photo.
The first was labeled as a saloon in Fort Worth’s “Hell’s Half Acre”.

Robert Billstone said...

This photo is from approx. 1908, of a saloon at the corner of 8th Ave and McClure St. in Homestead, Pa. It's now a Citizens Bank parking lot, a half block from my office. Built in 1900 by William MacBroom, a Scottish immigrant who worked as a miner, boiler maker in the nearby steel mill and also served as chief of police. The advertisement for Iron City beer hangs on the building's corner post in this photo, clearing placing it in the Pittsburgh area.