Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Great Depression In Color

Old beyond their years, Faro and Doris Caudill were homesteaders in Pie Town, New Mexico in October, 1940, when this color photograph was made by Russell Lee for the Farm Services Administration. Pie Town was inhabited by farmers driven out of Oklahoma and Texas by the Dust Bowl and desperate times of the Great Depression. Below, they gathered with their children for the evening meal.


Rachel Fenton said...

Amazing. Just sucks me right in and I'm there at the table, listening to them and wondering what the next day will bring..

Sweet Repose said...

Makes one wonder of our future here in the states, will I still be able to own a home in a year or two or will they tax us into poverty...our government is worse than any dust bowl!!!

Was fun catching up, been so busy, haven't had much time to blog lately, I post for the day, then RUN out to the new studio, what a blast, been 10 years since I had a garage at the Chateau, the sad thing is, the old place had 3 barns and out buildings, until they ran the 4-lane through. I won't do much out there this winter, no heat yet, but at least I can store my stuff inside...woohoo!!!

Can't wait to see you daughter's new yard room...