Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Hibiscus

My daughter trimmed her hibiscus tree back hard last January. It always seems drastic when a plant is taken back so far, but it filled in especially strong.

The flowers are larger than ever this season, with petals that fade from palest pink to crimson.


Tracy said...

WOW...they're as big as dinner plates! Love that soft pretty pink...mmm... These flowers say SUMMER. :o) Happy Day, Golden West ((HUGS))

steven said...

oh wow! i only get to see hibiscus in magazines or on gardening programs. these are beautiful!! steven

Rachel Fenton said...

I was like Steven until I moved to Auckland - now I see them everywhere, but they are still magical for me. Do you get the monarch butterflies, too?

I think you have a most beautiful garden.