Monday, August 2, 2010

The Sky Last Night

We're finally returning to our usual warm summer days after an unseasonably cool July. Temperatures were running 10 degrees below normal for most of the month, with overcast, gray days.

Looking west, the Torrey pines, giant bamboo, eucalyptus and kentia palms were silhouetted by the sunset last night.


steven said...

golden west - most summers i sit out back and watch the skies and the photographs here are one big reason why. it's an endlessly evolving painting. beautiful. steven

Tracy said...

Breathtaking skies, Golden West! I have a "thing" for skies, you know. ;o) Here the summer has been cooler than usual, temps are about the same, but it has been very windy (we are near the coast too though) which makes it seem colder than most summer. I don't mind--as long as there's sunshine! Happy Day ((HUGS))