Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Color Purple

In addition to fiery reds, yellows and oranges, purple is a predominant color in my garden this year. Above, the perennial asters are blooming earlier than usual and are holding their own in the summer heat.

Cransebill, above, is another hardy perennial that blooms year round and reseeds profusely.

Sweet alyssum is an old fashioned favorite. The purple doesn't bloom as abundantly as the white, but it adds soft clouds of deep color in the flower border.

The tree mallow, above, looks similar to a hibiscus, but is more delicate and finely marked.


steven said...

golden west, as with my students i'm not supposed to have a favourite but - the aster is simply beautiful!! well they all are but it is really pretty. steven

Tracy said...

Did you know purple is a close follower after pink for me? ;o) Beautiful purple moments, Golden West... ((HUGS))

HKatz said...

I love how these photos get not only the color of the flowers but also the textures. Beautiful.