Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chicago Rail Yards

One year after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, our war effort had kicked into high gear and the rail yards of Chicago were instrumental in moving men and material. Above, two workers at the roundhouse at the 40th Street shop. These photographs were made in December, 1942.

Jack Delano was a photographer working for the Farm Services Administration, documenting daily life in the United States through photography. Most all of the pictures were black and white - these are a few of the color images. Above, rail cars line up at the coaling station for coal, sand and water.

The caption to this photograph reads in part: "John L. Walter, conductor at Proviso yard of the C&NWRR. Mr. Walter has been employed on the railroad for 45 years, 32 of them as conductor. The red nose and cheeks are due to the below zero weather outside. Chicago, Ill".

Above, a welder repairs a locomotive, shown below at the 40th Street shop.


steven said...

golden west as a boy - growing up in england - i thrilled to see the steam engines. everything about them fascinated me - but most especially their size! what a great series of photographs you've shared here. steven

Jannah Delfin said...

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