Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Cardiff Kook Sans Shark

The much admired papier mache guerrilla art shark that depicted the imminent consumption of the much reviled Cardiff Kook statue has been demolished by city workers. The photo, above, courtesy of the North County Times newspaper, shows a city worker in action.

If you missed last week's story, the picture below shows what all the fuss was about. The statue's sculptor was not amused.


Sweet Repose said...

This is just the funniest thing ever...with all the problems in the world, a little laughter is sorely needed...great fun poked at an artist that needs to get a clue, has he ever ridden the surf, or is he too full of himself...?

steven said...

darn it all!!! that's really clever and funny. i guess you have to be serious about public statues. i don't know. steven

Tracy said...

Two very different forms of art, that's for sure... While I feel for the artist of the sculpture, I can't help but laugh at the shark too! Art can be fun and serious too, right? Happy Day, Golden West ((HUGS))