Sunday, August 22, 2010

Autumn In The Air

Summer is drawing to close already, with lots of indicators in the garden. The euphorbia, above is waiting patiently to set some buds, while the day lily, below, is going to keep blooming most of the year.

The nasturtium, below, is forcing itself between the house and the fence. It's a vigorous vine that will grow along the ground or tumble up and over a fence, dropping seeds almost every inch of the way that need no extra encouragement to sprout.

The ginkgo tree, below is already turning autumn yellow, early this year. What that means, weatherwise, is anyone's guess.

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steven said...

golden west, the rains that typically bridge the interstice between summer and autumn have begun here. little flashes of red leaves are popping up, and of course there's a cooler edge to the evenings. it's still very much summer here though! steven