Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another Trip To The Fruit Stand

Our fruit stand has a large wooden hand painted mural that screens all the lugs of vegetables and baskets of fruit, where they're prepped before they're offered for sale.

Just a few weeks from now, it will be the backdrop for families taking pictures of their children, surrounded by pumpkins and sitting on bales of hay.

And after that, it becomes a Christmas tree lot.

It's been a banner year for the crops they've offered and we never leave with less than a full box.


steven said...

golden west - my fave time of year for fruits and vegetables. everything is right there from my own neighbourhood - or at least within a 100 km. what a mural!! steven

Rachel Fenton said...

Must have taken days to paint. Was it one person's work?

I would love to pop one of those raspberries on my tongue and taste the fuzzy sweet-sharpness.

Anonymous said...

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