Tuesday, August 24, 2010

360 Degrees Of Sunset

There was so much color in the sky at sunset, it was hard to chose which direction to photograph. So here's a picture of each direction, taken from my driveway. Above, looking east. Below, due south.

Below is looking north.

And last but definitely not least, looking west.


Sweet Repose said...

The sunsets have been fabulous here in Iowa too, Mark Twain said we had the most beautiful here on the Mississippi...but I've never seen a sunset I didn't love!

Yes, busy creating, creating, creating...till the building gets here...but of course, it won't stop there, it'll just have a place to rest(for a moment)!

Tracy said...

A great sunset like this always makes me weak in the knees... A sunrise will do that too, though. ;o) GORGEOUS sky moments, Golden West... Happy Day ((HUGS))