Friday, July 30, 2010

Yesterday On The Beach

On the beach yesterday morning, the sand and water were being enjoyed thoroughly by scores of children under the tutelage of local lifeguards.

It was heartening to see so many kids out in the fresh air, running around, swimming and having a great time.

The lifeguards had them running through obstacle courses, swimming, and paddling boards.

These pictures are straight out of the camera - the sky really was that blue!


Sweet Repose said...

I love the palms on the bluff...and what a dream to walk the beach so frequently. When I lived in Daytona Beach Florida as a child, my Grandfather would take me and Granny to the beach almost every night after he got off work, we'd eat tuna/egg salad sandwiches and build sand castles till dusk...those were magical times for me!

Joanna said...

These are sweet photos of the children obviously enjoying a beautiful day at the beach. It looks delightful. And i love the yellow shirts against the blue sky.