Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Behind The Scenes

We recently had the opportunity to tour a hat factory.

Having made my living as a seamstress for a number of years, making aloha shirts and swim trunks, the process was fascinating to me.

The workers were highly skilled, happy in their creative endeavors and friendly to strangers wandering through.

Hats will look different to me from now on.


Sweet Repose said...

Don't ya remember back in the day when we wore hats to church and little white gloves, my Mom always said it covered a bad hair day, 'course back in the 50's, to me, they were all bad hair days...ha! I always wanted long hair and my Mom always cut it short, probably why it's so long today...the rebel in me!

Love the dewy spider web, what a magical shot!

acornmoon said...

How lovely to find a working factory where human skills are appreciated. We manufacture so little here now and so many old crafts have disappeared.

Tracy said...

LOVED this post, Golden West.... I've long had a love of hats, so fun to see them being made this way. It's great to be back here catching up with you after being away a few days MIA and being unwell--on the mend, I think... Happy Days ((HUGS))