Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Shell Ginger's Back

Shell ginger is a great plant all year. It has large, showy, varigated tropical looking leaves and it self propagates with underground runners, similar to calla lilies.

The best part is that every summer, it has spectacular blossoms with a subtle gloss that look similar to the palest mother of pearl. Each flower spike is different. Some grow straight up, some off to the side. The blossoms fade as quickly as they appeared.


steven said...

the photographs - well the first two - make it look as if te flowers are tumbling out! how cool! steven

Sweet Repose said...

You can't believe how huge my lilies are with all this rain, my peace lily is in paradise, however the grass is another story...bale, bale, bale!!! It makes no sense to me...

My Dad remembers when Grampa put a tub in the basement at the home place, he also remembers how freezing it was in the winter...I remember the pipes freezing back in the 60's when I lived in Colorado in the mountains. You really learn how to conserve and learn to improvise quickly!