Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Remembering Nick

Nick was one of the neighborhood kids. We grew up on the same street, went to the same schools and church, shared mutual friends and a love of the ocean. He was one of the older guys we always looked up to. In the picture above, that's him at the back, third from the left, in the mid 1960s, one of the winners in a local surf contest. He was a glasser at Surfboards Hawaii during those years.

Nick's water skills weren't limited to surfing. He grew up just steps from the Pacific and became a commercial fisherman who designed and built his own boats. He was one of the rare people who mastered catching swordfish with a hand held harpoon. He fished from the San Clemente Islands to Catalina, for everything from abalone and lobster to sea bass and rock cod. That 15 foot great white shark that fell off a truck on Interstate 5 and snarled traffic in both directions for hours? That was one of Nick's catches.

With an infectious enthusiasm for life and a warmth that drew people to him, he was a loving son, devoted husband and father, loyal friend, meticulous craftsman, legendary waterman, and merry prankster, who, at 64, left us way too soon.

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Sweet Repose said...

Just look at all them surfer dudes, boy you gals lived in many men and so little time...! Ha!

So sad when they leave us so soon, I just lost a 49 year old cousin to Parkinson', a kind and gentle man, soooo sad!