Monday, June 28, 2010

Paddling With Jelly Fish

My daughter went stand up paddling down in Coronado last week. The ocean temperatures are up to around 70 degrees now and that means jelly fish have moved close to shore.

There were hundreds of jelly fish in the bay, easily visible just beneath her board.

Jelly fish spend the majority of their time looking for food, and although their tenacles pack a hefty sting, they're not aggressive.

These photographs of what was just below the surface were taken by my neighbor Kevin.


steven said...

amazing photographs! i've only seen jellyfish on my trips to england although i'll be on canada's east coast late july and i've no doubt there'll be some to see there. i only hope i can get pictures half as good as these. steven

Eryl Shields said...

Your neighbour Kevin in a damn good photographer!

Tracy said...

They are strange, surreal creatures, arent't they... kind of creepy, yet hypnotic at the same time! Wonderful photos! Happy Day, Golden West ((HUGS))