Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How The Garden Grows

The trumpet vine on the arbor above the front porch is still blooming strong.

The borders on either side of the front walkway are blooming mostly reds, yellows and pinks now that the softer shades of spring bulbs have faded away until next year. The patch of shasta daisies (actually a type of chrysanthemum) below, has been coming back faithfully for almost 20 years.


Eryl Shields said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I have those daisies, or some very like them, and every year there seems to be a new patch. Mine are just unfurling their buds.

Sweet Repose said...

Simply stunning...I haven't been able to garden since Saturday, it's been raining ever since, I'll have to bail my grass...ha!

How do your animals respond to earthquakes...I groomed 5 dogs today and every one of them was a wiggly, nervous wreck, as the storms roll on!!!

Rachel Fenton said...

Your garden is super lovely! Mine is a soggy bedragled rotting mess after much rain and a cold snap - Autumn here though - and even with the sun this morning it is still looking pretty sad! Can't wait for spring and the wisteria, lemon blossom and jasmine!

I love the neatness of your space! I could never sustain that!