Monday, June 7, 2010

100 Years Ago In The Jungle

If you found yourself in the jungle of Palm Beach, Florida in 1904, in need of a cigar, soft drink, peanuts or a pie, Alligator Joe had your back. The sign in front of his bungalow reads "Come In".


steven said...

i wonder if it was as much a travel destinaton then as it is now? cool shot . . . jungly!!! steven

Tracy said...

WOW...Looks like a vacation destination... that hut would make a great honeymoon spot! Very fun post... Happy Day, Golden West :o) ((HUGS))

Sweet Repose said...

When we used to travel there back in the 50's in the old stationwagon, we used to stop by these road side stands that had fresh frozen orange popsicles...TO DIE FOR...and the smell of Florida, the salt air, will never leave my mind's eye(and nose) as long as I live. My Grandfather loved it as much as I did, Granny hated it cause the Grand kids were in Iowa...pure torture for her...and believe me, I still remember the heat and no air-conditioning!