Thursday, May 27, 2010

Young Upstarts

In my garden, it's always the flowers that grow from seeds cast off from other plants that are the hardiest. Case in point, above, a nasturtium has sprouted between a crack in the concrete driveway, probably from a random seed that rolled away from a clump of nasturtium being dragged from the patio across the driveway.

Below, one of the prettiest impatiens in the yard this year has sprung up in a crack where the patio meets the driveway at the corner of the house.


steven said...

golden west - i love the freebies! wind in their hair, carefree little plants who put down roots and start from wherever, no matter what! steven

angryparsnip said...

The free plants are always the Best and I so love the crazy places that they find to grow.
Nasturtiums are a big favorite of mine and your photo brings back such lovely memories.

cheers, parsnip

Sweet Repose said...

That is so true, I have pea vines growing up out of the compost pile and sweet lil' violas in the field. That's always an adventure to me too, you never know whats up out love to eat nasturtium flowers and leaves in my salads...spicy and yummy! Mine are only 3 inches tall right now...soon!