Friday, May 14, 2010

Yesterday Afternoon On The Beach

The afternoons have been windy for the past month or so, but it's easy to tell summer is right around the corner, as we spotted a large jellyfish washed ashore. It's usually the warmer water that brings them closer in, so maybe they know something we don't know.

The kelp, below, caught my eye because of the way the sun was reflected in the bulbs.


Sweet Repose said...

The animals are so in tune with nature , yet we treat them as just animals, how meager our senses truly are...Scratchy always tells me when a bad storm is coming, she doesn't leave my side and whines...I've learned to take her with when that happens...I'm lucky I can!

steven said...

i understand that when you know all about them you can read them like a book! steven

Eryl Shields said...

Jelly fish look so odd when they're out of the water!