Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thomas Waits

Out the living room window on a warm spring afternoon, Thomas, the cat who visits, hunkered down patiently behind the maidenhair ferns, nasturtiums, sweet alyssum and campanulas. When a bird alights for a bath, he'll spring into action. Going on six years old now, his age hasn't slowed him down yet and he manages to catch his share of birds, mice and gophers.


steven said...

attaboy thomas!!! steven

Sweet Repose said...

Good boy dad allowed a stray cat into his life last year, he would never let me have one as a kid, but now he says that was such a mistake on his part, because this cat has brought him and my brother(the cat lover from California)so many hours of joy and smiles...he calls him the 'supervisor'...he stands on the roof of dad's truck and watches him work...way cool that pops has opened his heart to a lil' stray critter...His name is Barrack...and he is black...too cute!!!

Rachel Fenton said...

I love nasturtiums, they grow wild here and I can't walk past them without smiling about all the times my daughter planted them as a toddler and up because the seeds are so big and easy to handle. Thanks.

Thomas Waits was a good title for your post!

acornmoon said...

I can't imagine gophers? I am sure my little do would be driven to distraction!

What a pretty garden you have.