Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random Pictures From The Beach

In no particular order, pictures of what the beach looked like. Three brown pelicans coasting on an updraft. They were endangered at one time and have come back strong - we see them constantly.

Usually when the waves wash the seaweed and kelp in, it's piled in clumps. Other times it's draped more artfully than if arranged by human hand.

These curlews had the sand crabs pretty much to themselves. No fishermen were digging them for bait and the majority of other shorebirds were elsewhere.

This prehistoric looking creature had attached itself where the cracks in the reef intersected, all the better to capture miniscule morsels of food washing by. It hadn't caught my eye until one of the curlews was pecking at it as a potential meal.

And last but not least, blooming pickle weed. A favorite of honey bees, this dazzling flower comes in purple, too, and blooms along the cliffs right down to the sand.


steven said...

more, more!!! i love the kelp photograph the very best! steven

Tracy said...

LOVE the variety of these photos, Golden West... and I always love your seaside shots. The kelp is like a garland... a necklace... And the birds at top almost resemble military aircraft flying in formation... LOL! Happy Days :o) ((HUGS))

High Desert Diva said...

Ahhh....thank you.