Friday, May 28, 2010

Let's Go To Malibu!

My daughter
and my favorite neighbor Kevin asked me along on their surf trip to Malibu earlier this week. It hadn't changed all that much in the 40 years since my last visit. Yes, more houses and commercial development, but the essence of the surfing beach was the same and the surrounding terrain of hills and canyons even more beautiful than remembered.

We snagged a prime parking spot on the Coast Highway, just north of the pier and right in front of where the waves break. A vehicle parked just up from us was stencilled with spray painted pictures of Jimi, Mr. T, and maybe the driver of the van. Definitely something not seen every day...

Even this close to summer, there was a cold wind blowing and people out fishing on the Malibu pier were bundled up. The skies were clear as could be and Catalina Island appeared close enough to reach out and touch.

These fellows were cleaning their catch right there.

As dusk fell along the coast and the lights came on the pier, evening fog crept up the canyons, the surfers left the water and we headed for home.


Tracy said...

Hi, Golden West! Having such fun catching up on your photos and happenings... LOVE this trip to Malibu! We just arrived home yesterday from our trip. Now jet-lag & laundry to deal with... LOL! I hope to post soon. Happy Weekend--see you soon in blogland! :o) ((HUGS))

The Weaver of Grass said...

Is the sea really as blue as it looks in the photos?

Sweet Repose said...

Two words that so remind me of California, Malibu and Catalina...makes me think of the Beach Boys and the 60's...can it get any bluer...!!!

Rachel Fenton said...

I thought the third spray paint potrait was Jim Carey!

I can't believe the trainers of the guy scaling those fish: flashy. He'll ruin them. Should be wearing wellybobs for that job!

Lovely to see how the day passed.

Love the change of the sky.