Monday, May 24, 2010

The Calm Before The Storm

This is a view of our Coast Highway, the main thoroughfare in town, looking north. It's quiet for the next few weeks, but once Memorial Day arrives, traffic will be bumper to bumper with tourist traffic until Labor Day. Summer came quickly!


Sweet Repose said...

Funny how the tourist trade is, now down in Florida, they are all gone and summer is wonderful on the highways(sorta)...

My strawberry bed is 5 years old now and really producing and it will until fall...yummm!

Thanks again for the walk on the beach, lucky stiff!!!

steven said...

hi golden west, today was victoria day - the day everyone gets off and opens their cottages up and travels. i was on my bike every day for a couple of hours a day and the roads were pretty busy with cars and bikes and motorcycles and people were doing their swimming, sea doo, canoe, thing as well. hot humid and feeling lots more like july. steven