Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Walk On The Beach

Above, the afternoon sun cast shadows on the stairs that lead down to the beach.

The view looking up from the sand, with a carpet of late spring California wildflowers growing on the side of the cliff. They're too small to see, but the cliff was just crawling with squirrels, furiously eating seed pods from those same wildflowers.

More tourists are starting to appear. After Memorial Day, the beach will be wall to wall people, sunshine or not.

The sparkle in the sand is fool's gold - it really sets off the different colors of seaweed and kelp.

After a vigorous paddle for my daughter and a long walk for me, we headed for home.


steven said...

goldenw est - what a gorgeous day for you and your daughter. i especially like the seaweed and kelp and gools gold image. still-life. steven

HKatz said...

I found your blog through Nina Camic's site - I enjoy the details that you capture (like the fool's gold in the sand and the squirrels nibbling away at the pods), and the photos are lovely too.