Friday, April 23, 2010

What The Beach Looked Like

There's no such thing as too many walks on the beach. My daughter took me along again this week for a walk on the sand while she surfed. She's been riding a new board that's only 5'4" - it's shorter than she is!

The tide was too high to walk north around the point, so while she paddled out, my path led south.

Taking pictures of strangers can be intrusive, so these next were taken surreptitiously.

This father and son were heading out for a surf together.

These old folks had stopped to watch the surfers catch a few.

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Eryl Shields said...

Gorgeous photographs. And to be taller than 5'7" how wonderful. If there was one thing about myself I'd change if I could (physical, at least) it would be my height.