Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Old Country

The first person on my dad's side to come to America left Glarus, Switzerland in 1843. Heinrich took a ship from France to New Orleans, traveled up the Mississippi to St. Louis and then across country on foot and in a wagon to California in 1846. Lucky for us, he kept a journal of his travels.

These pictures are photomechanical prints of Glarus, made in the 1890s and in the collection of the Library of Congress. In Heinrich's journal he described one of his childhood duties in the Old Country as tending cows on steep hillsides. From these prints, it's easy to see he didn't exaggerate.


steven said...

golden west - what a treasure - a journal!!! i'd sure love to read some of that story!!! steven

Sweet Repose said...

What a childhood he must've had in such a beautiful setting. You're so lucky to know this family history.

My family, on my Dad's side only made it as far West as Colorado, but then moved back to Iowa to farm...lucky me!