Thursday, April 1, 2010

A New View

The view looking north out the kitchen window is totally new now. We've spent two weeks removing a massive ficus benjamina and umbrella tree on the patio whose roots had become powerful enough to crack the concrete driveway and lift one end of the patio. We planted the trees some 30 years ago and have been enjoying their shade and the birds who visited them all these years, but fearing the next damage would be to the plumbing lines and the house's slab, the trees had to go.

We'll enjoy them one last time when we burn the trunks and branches in our fireplace next autumn. We've chopped all the wood to size and it's stacked and drying.

As the sun sets further and further north for the next couple of months, the kitchen will be lighter and lighter with all the new sunshine and we'll be able to watch for the owl who perches in the massive Torrey pine across the way.


Sweet Repose said...

Last fall I had 3 huge Chinese elm trees topped down to a third, the biggest is 3feet in diameter...huge!!! All have been struck by lightning, but my biggest fear is that the limbs will blow down on my house during the awful wind and ice storms that bring them's hard to sleep at night when the winds howl and weave the tree back and forth right outside my upstairs bedroom window.

Now I can see the sky, my squirrels still have a tree to climb on and I have a huge pile of my goal is a wood-burning stove for the winter. Been a long time since I've had one, but these Iowa winters require...not to mention the ambiance...ahhhh...

Tracy said...

What a great view... and the satisfaction of being ready for cozy, warming autumn/winter fires for next season! A big beautiful 100+ year old pear tree in our yard have to come down two years ago. Heartbreak to see it go, but it was going rotten in the middle, and who knows when the next nasty autumn storm would have sent the tree through out living room window?! Because of the rot there wasn't much of the tree left of firewood. We have since planted a Japanese red maple--not likely to crash into our living room window. Happy Day, my friend...wishing you & yours a beautiful & blessed Easter holiday weekend coming up. :o) ((BIG HUGS))