Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Last Of This Year's Irises

Mother Nature definitely knows best and the wisest course is to not mess with her timetable. Planting an extra 150 Dutch iris bulbs in December didn't work out as hoped. The bulbs planted in October grew almost 3 feet tall and with wide and full blossoms. The bulbs planted in December were stunted and weak and some barely opened beyond buds. My plan was to extend the blooming time but they all bloomed within weeks of each other. Even after almost 40 years of avid gardening, there's still so much left to learn! The photo above is the last of this year's irises, with ever-dependable alstromeria as filler.


steven said...

goldenw est - from the pespective of a gardener who knows absolutely nothing i'd say this is a win win. steven

Sweet Repose said...

I'm with ya on the years of gardening and still learning...what an odd year though, my iris' still haven't bloomed and the day lilies are towering over them, never had that happen before!