Sunday, April 18, 2010

100 Years Ago In San Francisco

The year was 1906, the day April 14th, 4 days before the Great Earthquake, which occurred 104 years ago today and altered San Francisco forever. This view of Market Street traffic was taken with a movie camera mounted to the front of a cable car. A hodge podge of horse drawn cargo wagons, automobiles, street cars, cable cars and pedestrians weave their way across and up and down the thoroughfare. This was before the mass produced Model-Ts came to market.

My favorite scene is around 5:20 when 2 young pranksters try hitching a ride on the back of a convertible and a horse drawn wagon barely clears the tracks ahead of the cable car.

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steven said...

absolutely groovalicious music and the slow-mo unfolding scene is gorgeous!!! no lanes, no lines, no lights, just a slowly unfolding random set of events in which awareness seems to be of tremendous importance. close your eyes, run at the wrong time, and boing!!! a really cool find golden west!! steven