Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Under The Big Top

The heyday of the traveling circus was from 1880-1910 and those years coincide with the heyday of the chromolithograph poster, as well. Both of these posters were made by the Strobridge Lithograph Company of Cincinnati and New York in 1899. The first one has a caption that reads "20 Felt Crowned Fools" and the second shows jugglers, contortionists and backward dives off an extension ladder.


steven said...

hi golden west, the mystery and magic of these shows must have been something to experience! you can imagine the excitement as the town knew that the circus was drawing closer. steven

Sweet Repose said...

Boy, those were the days...though I never much liked the traveling circus of my time, small time and sleezie, the operators always had a luridness about them...they always called me 'Blondie'...I've always hated that!

But back in the heyday, they must've been grand for kids on the farm!