Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something New In The Garden

As an avid gardener, plenty of grasshoppers of all sizes have crossed my path over the years, but this bright yellow one, placidly observing me from the frond of a king palm, was a first. Where it came from is anyone's guess. Its green and brown brethren take a toll on my flowers and foliage alike, so here's hoping it moves on, the sooner the better.

We're having a mini heat wave in these wanning days of winter - it was already 68 degrees at 8 in the morning with a forecast of sunny skies and temps in the upper 70s. This unexpected burst of warmth is prompting an early bloom amongst the Dutch irises that have set their buds. In the meantime, the ever spreading and blooming perennial cranesbill, above, is showing its delicate flowers en masse.

Below, a common weed called sourgrass has a flower with beauty that rivals many cultivated blossoms.


steven said...

hello golden west - my wife is staying in palm springs for a week - the temperature there is thirty celsius during the day! your little yellow guy - hmmmm - maybe that's "the colour" for grasshoppers to wear this year! steven

Tracy said...

The colors...these photos are ELECTRIC, Golden West... they fairly sizzle! I don't think I've seen a grasshopper sporting yellow before, just green--WOW! I think CA must have the idea climate and flora conditions... ;o) Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))