Monday, March 1, 2010

Rainy Day Pictures

We've been under mandatory water rationing since last spring and are thankful for any rain we get. Looking southwest out the living room window, weekend rain drips off the roof and makes ripples in the birdbath. Below, the same picture expanded shows reflections on the rain washed concrete and a slice of electric green grass in the field next door where the snails get exiled.


Sweet Repose said...

It certainly is electric green...can't wait...we'll be pushing to the 40's this week, some rain toward the weekend...go figure, but it'll come whether I order it or always does!

Tracy said...

Oh, that is good... Like a fresh, clean, spring rain...aaahhh... Lovely birdbath, Golden West! :o) Happy Week ((HUGS))

Delwyn said...


fancy you having lived in Kauai...we have been coming here for over 25 years, having a house in Hanalei for some time, and more recently building a new one which we plan on completing now.

We have water restrictions permanently at home too...but at present in our home town, they have received the year's total rain over the last few days...But the restrictions will stay in force as drought is a fact of life in Au...
They plan to pipe our water down to the capital city.

Happy days