Sunday, March 28, 2010

Out And About

It's become a habit to slip a camera into my bag, whether just out on errands or going somewhere special. This cluster of fuschias and luscious camellia were growing just steps from where we parked to get burritos for lunch.


Sweet Repose said...

I wish that was my view of the river, but I live in the river valley. The river is about 2 miles away as the crow flies...thank God for levies!!!

Can you imagine the pillars on this old home covered in a cheesy plywood porch...gross...but Tom and Cindy had a vision(and capital) to refurbish. The inside was totally stripped of all of it's Victorian charm, even the plaster molding around the ceiling fixtures, to give it a polished hospital look.

They have totally furnished it with antiques from the South, very elegant. As we walked to the widows walk, back in the day, you could totally see all the way to my house. But today the pollution from the grain processing plant, that gave Tom his family fortune, shades the view and creates a stink smelled for miles around.

The plant pays a lot in taxes to the city, so they are reluctant to force them to comply with clean air rules...big industry always wins.

Have a great Sunday...go to the beach...I think I'll check out our flooded beaches to see if the mighty muddy has receded!

32˙North said...

I wish I had a knack for growing fuchsias like that.

Tracy said...

Oh, the rose...*sigh*... I do that too--take a camera everywhere. You never know what you might see! :o) Happy Week, Golden West ((HUGS))