Friday, March 26, 2010

An Evening Visitor

Last evening, Thomas stopped by to play. He'd been by earlier in the afternoon for a bite to eat, and it was obvious by the flick of his tail and the way his ears bent that he was ready for a chase.

He was stretched out on the patio, waiting for the appearance of the string he like to chase.

He's relentless and would have kept going had night not fallen.


Sweet Repose said...

Oh, the other-worldly love of a THEY see it. I so miss having one...but Scratchy will have none of it...terrier terrorist!!!

What a beauty he is!

Tracy said...

Hello, sweet Thomas... Oh, I love when he stops by here! He is such a beautiful boy... and loves to have fun! :o) Happy Weekend, Golden West ((HUGS))

Amy said...

Thomas looks much like my feline, Little Red. We rescued him even though he had a chronic eye condition. He's a flame point Siamese - Thomas appears to be a Siamese as well!

Great photos!