Saturday, March 27, 2010

American Country Stores ~ #1 In A Series

As part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal during the Great Depression, in his effort to create jobs, photographers were hired to document life in the United States, either through the Farm Services Administration or the Office of War Information.

Last year we looked at barber shops in most of the states. This year, on Saturdays, let's check out the country stores that were so much a part of every day life for almost everyone.

This first store was photographed by Russell Lee in June, 1939, in Wagoner County, Oklahoma. The first picture shows the outside of the country store/gas station and the second shows the proprietess helping a customer inside.


Sweet Repose said...

I love it...we had many an old grocery in our little town and the thing I remember most was the creek in the old wood floors as you walked over them and the slam of the screen door as you ran in for penny candy.

Thanks for bringing back many a memory! I have a photo of the old mercantile that my folks had their veterinary hospital in, where I learned how to groom dogs. I also only lived a block away, so I could frequent daily to get my chocolate fix for a nickel...ha!

Sweet Repose said...

PS...there wasn't a creek in the was a creeeeak...ha!

32˙North said...

Cool old stores like these sure do seem like a thing of the past nowadays.